Our Bed & Breakfast includes the services of a Spa.
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We offer our guests naturally delicious, often organic gourmet food.

Healthy eating is never boring. There is an entire orchestra of foods on the breakfast table the Khalsa's prepare for you: homemade muesli, organic spelt bread, orange-pineapple-banana juice, seasonal jams, fresh fruit salad and local melons.

If you are sensitive to cow's milk or on a low fat diet, you may choose organic soy milk. A diverse assortment of green, brown and black teas are stored in a hand-crafted chest in the hall and are always available. A hot pot immediately provides steaming hot water.

A selection of home made breads from various grains.
Try our hand-kneaded home-baked organic spelt bread.

 Spelt is an ancient high protein wheat grain