April 23, 2004

Thank you for the pictures.  We enjoyed looking at them.  We are going
to be sending them on to family and friends.  We would also like to take
the time to thank both of you for making our wedding day so special.

Thanks again,

Joe & Mandy

July, 2004

Snatam Kaur (nominated for Grammy award in 2004) and I want to thank you and Harimandir Singh again from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful hospitality you showed us during our stay in Ottawa.   We also very much appreciated the good humor!!!!  We look forward to staying with you again during our next visit to your magical city!!
All Love in Divine,
GuruGanesha "

July 24, 2004

Thank you for a wonderful night in Ottawa. we enjoyed your hospitality
and an opportunity to witness a wedding! I remember that you took some
pictures while we were witnessing and I was wondering if it would be
possible to get copies sent either  through mail or e-mail. we had a
wonderful trip together and I forgot my camera - so I have no pictures
to remember it by. I would really appreciate any photos you have of the
two of us.

Edmonton, AB

July 27th, 2004

"Thanks for the nice note. We (I should say Janice) awoke at 4:30, so we
made an early start of it. Lots of rain and some nasty accidents on the
way, but we made it back to Morgantown in 14 hours. I'm sure we'll see
you again one of these days--Ottawa was a very pleasant surprise for us.
Enjoyed meeting the guests and, of course, both of you. All the Best.
Barry and Janice"

August 6th, 2004

Thank you so much for the photos you sent, they are absolutely wonderful!  You are great at taking pictures!
I would also like to thank your husband for performing the marriage.  You are a great team!
Jill R


August 9th, 2004

Already my restorative days in Ottawa are a fond memory and I feel like I
found an oasis on McLeod St.