Our Bed & Breakfast includes the services of a Spa.
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Vitamins, Herbs & Yoga

   For your “Well Being”

Iridology identifies weakness of the organs with a map identifying patterns and markings.  These indicators of tissue toxins, former damage, and congestion that could lead to disease.  Inform the therapist what kind of vitamins, herbs and body treatments you should use.  This specific approach will save you hundreds of dollars because you won’t be taking supplements that your system doesn’t need. There is an area between disease and health where symptoms are still developing before they manifest. Now is the time to make changes! 

A multifaceted naturopathic approach is recommended to strengthen weakness and cleanse toxins.  This rebuilds strength for full bodily functions therefore delaying the process of physical aging.

Your customized personal program will also include Kundalini yoga exercises and meditations. 


Heart Recentering, Deep tissue massage therapy, Kundalini Yoga & meditation classes, Satnam Rasayan Therapy (a painless shamanic healing session), CranioSacral therapy, natural wraps, hot stone massage, acupuncture, European Manual Facial(with Simply Natural Products)

Your personalized daily program at the Natural Choice Bed and Breakfast and Spa will rejuvenate your body and refresh your face. (And it’s way cheaper than a face lift!)

Most therapies are covered by extended medical insurance.  If treatments aren’t covered, don’t hesitate: YOU'RE WORTH  IT!!!

Only you can make the healing difference in your own life.  We are here to make it fun, and streamline the process. 

***We are available to teach natural healing or Kundalini Yoga or Stress Reduction courses at your location, near or far. If this does not answer your questions about our treatment offered here in Ottawa, please don't hesitate to call us!

Phone: (613) 563-4399

For a helpful analysis of the Science of Iridology visit Mary's Herbs Site. She includes a history of Iridology as well.