We are two ministers who offer alternative weddings and professional wedding photography.
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Our Bed & Breakfast also includes the services of a Spa.
Marriage Information

We are ministers and we are also professional photographers. For the most magical day of your life we offer many alternatives to a regular wedding.

For couples who want to write their own services, for people who are spiritual but not religious," Weddings Your Way" lends a hand.

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Phone: (613) 563-4399
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Evening Celebrations in our Garden

We offer a traditional service in a non-traditional setting either in our luxurious garden or in our wedding room.Is this a second marriage? Let us help you make it twice as special.

Are you an "Inter-Faith" couple? We will help you celebrate both your faiths together, within a single service.

Do you speak English, French, German or Spanish? Ceremonies are available in any of these languages.